Here at LCUK we believe everyone should feel free to experience some form of pleasure. So whether you are playing as a couple or going solo we'll have something to enhance your playtime!!
We carefully hand pick cute, friendly, fun, body safe sex toys. Our products are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Whatever You choose we know you'll be delighted!!
All our deliveries are in plain packaging and we will only appear as LCUK on bank statements. People won't know what you've bought unless you tell them. If you happen to then please do mention us!!
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Anal Play

Anal play is becoming ever more popular and here at LCUK we've introduced a range of butt plugs to our ever growing store. We spent a lot of time choosing what plugs to sell and have chosen what we believe to be the best.

Precious Metals are ready to expand your riches. The Precious Metals Collection has a full range of beautifully crafted, jeweled metal anal plugs to add new sensations to your play. Available in a variety of shapes each plug comes in different sizes, so whether your a beginner or experienced you'll find a plug just the right size, shape and weight for you. 

If you'd like a bit more fun then maybe you'd like to try one of the Furry Fantasy tails, these butt plugs do all that you'd want with an added swish and a little more thrill. The tails are made of Faux Fur and feel lovely to touch and use.

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Amazon Pay

Check out can be frustrating.  You find the product you want, add it to your basket and then you begin the torturous task of writing out every last required detail.  Despite trying to make checkout as efficient as possible, the fact remains that it can be so frustrating that you want to abandon the checkout altogether. 

There is however, an easier way.  Most of us have an Amazon account that keeps all those detail safely secured away.  We've therefore introduced Amazon Pay to our checkout page. Rather than fill out the tedious form, you can simply log into your amazon account and let them do the rest!

And, as its Amazon, you know its a payment method you can trust!

Pay Pal also available


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Are glass and stone sex toys safe?

I get asked a lot of questions working in this industry ranging from the curious to the bizarre. But since we added glass and stone sex toys to our site the questions have generally been; "Can you actually use them?" and "Are they safe?".  

Most sex toys are made of body safe silicone or plastics. For these sex toys the 'body safe' description is really important and people often ask me "should the glass and stone say body safe?". In short no, many people unfortunately have an allergic reaction to silicone and body safe silicone was developed to stop this from happening. So, unless you come up in a rash every time you place your hand on a window or pick up a pebble you need not worry about these materials having the same prefix

The main concern people have with glass is "will it smash?" and it isn't a surprising concern...

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