Sex toys are number 1!

The Daily Mail's write up of Channel 4's Great British Sex Survey shows that Prudish Brits are divided by what goes on behind closed doors!  But more importantly it shows a shift in attitude towards sex and that it is OK to experiment and have fun unashamedly.

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"The number one sexual fetish was found to be sex toys with vibrators now the bestselling sexual item.

10 Cross Dressing for Sex
9 Watersports
8 Body fetishes
7 Humiliation
6 Uniforms
5 Material Fetishism
4 Threesomes
3 Sexy Selfies
1 Sex toys

Belgian psychologist and sexologist Goedele Liekens said she was not surprised Brits have embraced vibrators.
'I am glad they are number one as they make sex more playful,' she said.
Psychotherapist Phillippa Perry agreed saying it is no longer seen an embarrassing to own one thanks to them being referenced in shows like Sex And The City.
She said: 'They are becoming more talked about in culture, it is not embarrassing to have one found in your top drawer anymore. People hear about them and they want to experiment. And they work.'
She added that the fact they are selling more is thanks to the internet and being able to purchase them discreetly.
She said: 'The rise of the sex toy coincides with the rise of the internet because they are not embarrassing to buy any more as no one can see you do it.'"

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May 13, 2016 by Matt Young
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