Are glass and stone sex toys safe?

I get asked a lot of questions working in this industry ranging from the curious to the bizarre. But since we added glass and stone sex toys to our site the questions have generally been; "Can you actually use them?" and "Are they safe?".  

Most sex toys are made of body safe silicone or plastics. For these sex toys the 'body safe' description is really important and people often ask me "should the glass and stone say body safe?". In short no, many people unfortunately have an allergic reaction to silicone and body safe silicone was developed to stop this from happening. So, unless you come up in a rash every time you place your hand on a window or pick up a pebble you need not worry about these materials having the same prefix.

The main concern people have with glass is "will it smash?" and it isn't a surprising concern to have, broken glass is dangerous at the best of times and its not something you'd want inside of you! However you're safe, breaking a glass bottle or tumbler may be easy as this glass is really quite thin but sex toys by comparison are incredibly thick! On top of this sex toys are made of borosilicate glass which is very tough. Drop one of these and you'll be more likely to break your floor than break the glass.

The truth is that glass and stone are perfectly safe and more than this they are gorgeous to look at, lovely to touch and in reality feel a lot cleaner than plastics or silicones. They can be heavy though so try not drop it on yourself or your partner in the heat of the moment!

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June 21, 2016 by Sam Dorrington
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