Power Toyfriends


Brand Tickler (batteries Included)

Nosy, Bubbly, Coney and Seti are a bit bolder, stronger and bigger then the Originals and the Rockets.  But they are still sweet and good-looking.

Bubbly, Coney, Nosy and Seti all have  two adjustable speeds and  three pulsation modes.  Designed to adapt to the body and create endless options for reaching and stimulating.  The different shapes are suitable for different kinds of use to find which one suits you the best.  All Tickler Toyfriends they are made from super-smooth body-safe silicone are very quiet and waterproof.  As this product is made of silicon we advise using a water based lubricant.

Bubbly Toyfriend has lots of energy. When on you will actually see his head oscillate with excitement and anticipation!
Bubbly’s shape directs the vibrations into the three balls making it the perfect Toyfiend for both inside and outside use.
Coney Toyfriend is the next evolution from the bunny and rabbit vibrators.  Soft-eared and hard-nosed makes Coney
a bit of a rebel, but a gentle lover. Coney is designed for awesome clitoral stimulation by utilising strong movements
in the soft ears and a very strong vibration in his nose.  Like all Toyfriends Coney is very quiet despite its power.
Nosy Toyfriend is different to the rest of the family.  Not slim, not slender and a larger vibrating head.
The vibration goes all the way through his body to his head.
Let head opens you up for the ultimate Nosy experience while the body stimulates your clitoris.
Seti Toyfriend takes its name from the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence project.
Seti’s design transmits all the overdrive-strength vibrations into the shield and the tip,
making it the perfect toy to discover new worlds through clitoral and entry-point exploration.

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