Rocket Toyfriends


Brand Tickler (batteries Included)

Ticklers second generation of Toyfriend vibrators; the Rocket Toyfriends are Curvy, Wavy, Cheeky and last but not least the Starlet.

The Rockets are powerful, body-safe, waterproof vibrators made with two adjustable speeds and three different pulsation modes.  Add to that vibrant personalities and pleasing colours and you have a great addition to your family of intimate Toyfriends. Like all Toyfriends they are very quiet.  As this product is made of silicon we advise using a water based lubricant.


Cheeky Toyfriend is as cheeky Toyfriend does. And Cheeky does it all.
Designed to penetrate yet vibrate where it feels the most sensual.  Cheeky will blow your mind.
Wavy Toyfriend is a black and shapely monster with a caring heart.
Filled with pulsating power and controlled vibrations it is a great companion when exploring yourself.
Curvy Toyfriend is the warm natured Rocket Toyfriend who loves all-night exercise.
With the compact build and penetrating nature it is a great addition to the family.
Starlet Toyfriend is the future of the vibrating world.
Full of energy and designed in just the right size and shape to hit all the right spots in any movement you like.


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