Original Toyfriends


Brand Tickler (batteries Included)

Cute, Sunny, Mystic, Bunny and Rebel Toyfriend are Ticklers first family of playful vibrators.  Designed in Swedish these quality vibrators are easy and fun to play with.

Although each Toyfriends is different in character and design, they share some basic qualities: They are all energetic, waterproof and made of body-safe silicon and are very quiet. As this product is made of silicon we advise using a water based lubricant.  

Cute Toyfriend has a medium-strength vibration, a large softly rounded surface and well-defined angles to play with.
The strong stem creates pressure that makes Cute suitable for internal as well as external use.
Sunny Toyfriend is a very positive and speedy with a fast-paced yet softer vibration.
Lots of nice bubbles in combination with the soft stem create a very intense and joyful toy.
Mystic Toyfriend, the name describes the experience. The surprisingly strong flutter in the antennas combines
with a stronger vibration in the body to make Mystic a genuine Tickler.
Bunny Toyfriend is the most energetic of the Original Toyfriends and has a strong and fast vibration and a slightly
harder silicone for intense stimulation. Bunny’s two flexible ears create a popular “hugging” option.
Rebel Toyfriends shape and the thickness make it good for external use, but perfect for g-spot stimulation.  
Designed to create a deeper, penetrating vibration with a nearly hypnotic effect, this really is the naughtiest Tickler.

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