Pocket Toyfriends


Brand Tickler (Requires AAA batteries)

Foxy, Zany, Nice and Posh are mini-sized vibrators that fit neatly in to your pocket or handbag. Perfect for clitoral stimulation, you will never want to leave them behind.

Waterproof and made in smooth body safe silicone and shiny ABS. These toyfriends are supercute, modern, clean, simple, and discrete but still packs a lot of power at a great price. Pocket Toyfriends really are a necessary accessory!  As this product is made of silicon we advise using a water based lubricant.

Foxy Pocket Toyfriend is exactly just that, foxy!!  Foxy is all about feeling good and look good.  
Lipstick-shaped and Magenta coloured, Foxy is discreetly disguised.  It doesn’t get better than Foxy!
Zany Pocket Toyfriend is full of excitement.  
Packed with attitude and equipped with two antennas for that little bit extra.
Nice Pocket Toyfriend proves that nice does not necessarily mean boring.  
Lovely smooth curves and a happy yellow colour combined with a very strong vibration makes a perfect combination.
Posh Pocket Toyfriend is the perfect companion.
 Its wide and curved surfaces make for that extra elegance you need in your evening-bag.

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