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Ribbed Anal Plug


Brand Love Curiosity UK

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Add the beautiful Precious Metals Ribbed Silver Anal Plug to your collection and offer yourself the chance to truly dazzle in the bedroom with this eye-catching instrument of pleasure. Arouse your deepest desires and tickle your kinkiest fantasies with the most intimate of jewels money can buy.

The ribbed texture creates an exquisitely sensual feeling when inserted and it is just as pleasurable coming out. This elegant plug was designed to increase pleasure to its absolute supreme with its five well-defined raised ridges and the sensation of the weighty pressure and the firm fullness that only metal plugs can provide. The wide base ensures safety while the drawstring bag takes care of easy storage. The plug can be used with any type of lubricant and it is easy to clean with hot water.

length 90mm, Widest point 40mm